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Monday, August 29, 2016


Other Name : 
Episode : 11
Format : avi
Audio : Japanese
Subtitle : English (Hardsub)
Sub Group / Rip : 
Release : 
Note : Please change ltm to mkv first before join the file  
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- wikipedia


Ep01 :
MEGA : sub | 1/9 | 2/9 3/9 | 4/9 | 5/9 | 6/9 | 7/9 | 8/9 | 9/9
[640*480] [699 MB] [AVI] [nikattun] [51B3F950]
Ep02 :
MEGA : sub | 1/8 | 2/8 | 3/8 | 4/8 | 5/8 | 6/8 | 7/8 | 8/8
[640*480] [699 MB] [AVI] [nikattun] [51B3F950]
Ep03 :
MEGA : sub | 1/8 | 2/8 | 3/8 | 4/8 | 5/8 | 6/8 | 7/8 | 8/8
[640*480] [699 MB] [AVI] [nikattun] [51B3F950]

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Opening Theme Song :
Artist :
Album :
Episode :

Insert Song :
Artist :
Album :
Episode :

Ending Theme Song : 
Artist :
Album :
Episode :

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Source :
~ Wikipedia
last update : 06/27/2016


Scholar Who Walks The Night OST

Title : Various Artists – 밤을 걷는 선비 (MBC 수목드라마) OST
Release : 2015/9/22 
Composer / Artist : Various Artist 
Publisher : Vitamin Entertainment 
Agency : Music Story Company
File Size : 
Format / Bitrate : MP3-320kbps
Note : Please change bjk to rar first before join the file  
Track List : 31 tracks

1. Without You BEAST
2. Don't Cry ~ G.NA
3. Loving You Again Yook Sung Jae of BTOB (???)
4. Secret Paradise  Jang Jae In
5. Sad Wind Eun Ga Eun (???)
6. Addiction Kimbo (??)
7. Endless Run Oh Joon Sung
8. Waltz of Memory Oh Joon Sung
9. Flying Hero Oh Joon Sung
10. Hidden Heart Oh Joon Sung
11. Morning Dew Oh Joon Sung
12. Keep the Faith Oh Joon Sung
13. Tears of the Flower Oh Joon Sung
14. Inside Fighter Oh Joon Sung
15. Awaken Vampire Oh Joon Sung
16. The Dark Palace Oh Joon Sung
17. Night World Oh Joon Sung
18. Sadness of Vampire Oh Joon Sung
19. Trans-Vampire Oh Joon Sung
20. Black Cloud Oh Joon Sung
21. In The Forest Oh Joon Sung
22. Brave Hand Oh Joon Sung
23. Hot Tension Oh Joon Sung
24. Old Rival Oh Joon Sung
25. Broken Door Oh Joon Sung
26. Where Are You Going? Oh Joon Sung
27. Wait For You Oh Joon Sung
28. I Am A Prince Oh Joon Sung
29. Unbroken Oh Joon Sung
30. Walk A Night Oh Joon Sung
31. Too Fast Oh Joon Sung

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Other Name : 뱀파이어의 꽃 / baem-pai-eo-ui kkot, Vampire's Flower, Flower of the Vampires
Episode : 6
Format : avi
Audio : Korean
Subtitle : English (Softsub)
Sub Group / Rip : AIRENs357
Release : 2014
Note : Please change kwc to avi first before join the file  
See More : -
Cast : 

This drama is based on the web novel 뱀파이어의 꽃 (Vampire Flower) by Shin Ji Eun (신지은) that has been proclaimed Korea's Twilight Saga.
It is a vampire romance between Louis and Seo Young. Together they go on an adventure to find the Vampire Flower, tucked away deep in the land of vampires - wikipedia

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Other Name : You are my only Madonna / .... and I Love Her
Episode : 11
Format : avi
Audio : Japanese
Subtitle : English (Hardsub)
Sub Group / Rip : JTV
Release : 2003
Note : Please change jzu to avi first before join the file  
See More : -
Cast : 

Kyoichi Suzuki is an average college student in his junior year. Although he's not in one of the top universities, he's satisfied with his college life studying architecture. Kyoichi left home and is finally on his own, living in a beat-up apartment in Tokyo. However, this apartment building is home to some out-of-the-ordinary residents, who are always bugging Kyoichi. His next-door neighbor hits Kyoichi up for a loan when he finds out that Kyoichi just got paid. His other next- door neighbor who works at a nightclub, always calls Kyoichi, demanding him to come pick her up, because she's so drunk. Other than that, Kyoichi is satisfied with his normal life, until he meets a girl one day...
Kyoichi comes home from his part-time job as a night-time security guard. He returns to his room to find a girl sleeping on his bed-a girl he has never seen before. She looks a bit older than Kyoichi, and is quite beautiful. Kyoichi can't believe his eyes.
Kyoichi closes the door, and goes outside to the entrance of the apartment, to make sure he's in the right apartment and room. There's no mistake. He returns inside...but the girl is gone.There's nobody in his room. Was it just his imagination? Was he hallucinating? Kyoichi can't understand what just happened.
Later, he discovers that something is missing from his grocery bag-the Chinese noodles he was looking forward to eating are gone...
This is how Kyoichi first meets Surumi Kataoka. After they meet, Surumi continues living in Kyoichi's room.
She points to an apartment visible from Kyoichi's room, and says that the guy living there dumped her for another girl. Surumi says that she's waiting to check out the girl she was dumped for. Kyoichi doesn't know if he ought to believe her or not.
All Kyoichi knows is that while Surumi is such a charming girl, the expression on her face is sad at times.
Kyoichi is not that disappointed about sharing his room with a cute girl. He starts to think that this lifestyle may go on forever, until one day, Surumi suddenly disappears-just like the day she suddenly appeared. All she leaves for Kyoichi are unanswered questions -- Fuji TV - wiki d-addicts

Monday, August 22, 2016

[OTHER] THE X-FILES S02 (1994)

Other Name : -

Episode : 25
Format : mkv
Audio : English
Subtitle : English (Softsub)
Sub Group / Rip : -
Release : 1994
Note : Please change tup to mkv first before join the file  
See More : The X-Files s01 (1993)The X-Files s02 (1994)The X-Files s03 (1995)The X-Files s04 (1996)The X-Files S05 (1997), The X-Files S06 (1998), The X-Files S07 (1999), The X-Files S08 (2000), The X-Files S09 (2001), The X-Files S10 (2016)
Cast :

 ^ She does not appear in "3".

Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) is reassigned to teach at the FBI Academy while Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) is given lowly surveillance assignments. After he investigates extraterrestrial cases at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico,[1][2] Mulder is given a new partner, Alex Krycek (Nicholas Lea), and meets a secretive informant, X (Steven Williams).[3][4] Mulder is recruited to assist in a hostage negotiation when Duane Barry, an alien abductee, captures four people.[5][6] Barry eventually kidnaps Scully, believing that if he brings her to his original abduction site, Skyland Mountain, aliens will take her instead of him. Mulder follows but is delayed by Krycek, who is revealed to be a mole working for Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis). When Mulder reaches Skyland Mountain, Scully is gone. Barry, who insists that aliens took him, dies soon after an interrogation by Krycek. When Krycek vanishes, Skinner re-opens the X-Files, claiming that is what the conspirators will fear most.[7][8]
Scully turns up comatose in a hospital three months later with no explanation about how she got there. X provides Mulder with information allowing him to take revenge on her captors, but Mulder is instead convinced by Scully's sister Melissa to visit her bedside. Scully recovers and returns to work shortly thereafter.[9][10] The agents later investigate a case involving alien biology being injected into teenagers in Wisconsin, and once again they encounter Deep Throat's killer, who is killed by the local sheriff.[11][12]
When investigating a case involving the murder of identical doctors, the agents come across a shapeshifting Alien Bounty Hunter (Brian Thompson) responsible for executing a series of alien clones. During this case a grown woman claiming to be Mulder's sister Samantha appears, telling Mulder of the Bounty Hunter's objectives and that she has the ability to identify him.[13][14] When Scully is kidnapped by the Bounty Hunter, Mulder is forced to trade Samantha for her. During a botched attempt to kill the Bounty Hunter, Samantha is killed. However, it is discovered that this was simply one of many alien clones of Samantha. With the help of X, Mulder pursues the Bounty Hunter to a submarine in the Arctic. Mulder is nearly killed when exposed to the Bounty Hunter's toxic blood, but is saved by Scully.[15][16]
When a hacker downloads decades' worth of classified information about aliens onto a digital tape, he gives it to Mulder, who finds that the entire tape is written in Navajo. Cigarette Smoking Man begins searching for the tape and visits Mulder's father, who calls Mulder to see him shortly afterwards. Before he can reveal anything to Mulder however, he is murdered by Alex Krycek. Scully brings Mulder to New Mexico where she introduces him to Albert Hosteen, a code-talker who can translate the digital tape. Albert's grandson shows Mulder a boxcar filled with alien corpses. Cigarette Smoking Man tracks Mulder's location however and orders the boxcar burned - wikipedia 

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